Dionak, It has been serving in the retail and wholesale sector with 30 years of experience.
It offers wholesale and retail sales and sales services with its past experience in built-in products, homes and furniture accessories.
It has gained a respectable place in the fields in which it operates, growing with its professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features since its establishment.
In 2018, the project focused on corporate sales and dealership activities.
As of 2020, exports abroad started. During this period, sales were made in 20 countries.
Our company is the dealer and main dealer of the largest companies in Turkey and Europe; It stands out with its problem-free, solution-oriented and 100% customer satisfaction-oriented work.

Company Name:  Dionaks
Tax Office: Çekirge
Tax Number: 381 046 4497
Mersis Number: 0381046449700017
Address:  Üçevler Mh Ahıska Cd Gençşenocak İş Merkezi No.83C Nilüfer Bursa
Phone: +90 224 441 27 77
Whatsapp: +90 533 490 69 91
Email:  [email protected]

Account Name Dionaks.com

Garanti BBVA - TRY - Üçevler Branch Code: 1590 Account No: 6298143 Swift Code TGBATRISXXX
IBAN: TR44 0006 2001 5900 0006 2981 43 

Garanti Usd Hesap

Garanti BBVA USD - USD - Üçevler Branch Code: 1590 Account No: 9086769 Swift Code TGBATRISXXX
IBAN: TR94 0006 2001 5900 0009 0867 69 

Garanti Euro Hesap

Garanti BBVA EURO - EUR - Üçevler Branch Code: 1590 Account No: 9087623 Swift Code TGBATRISXXX
IBAN: TR25 0006 2001 5900 0009 0876 23


Blanco, Dominox, Electrolux, Franke, Fritsjurgens, GlGeneral, Grass, Hafele, Hoppe, Marmorin, Nuevo Seramik, Opk, Oscar, Otlav, Pano, Pera, Promasif, Real Sink, Siemens, Silverline, Simonswerk, Soho, Teka, Ukinox, Vomex


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