How can I order?
You can add the product you like to the cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button. If you are going to buy another product, you must repeat this process for each product. After all these processes are completed, you can complete the purchase process by clicking the 'My Cart' button on the top right.

When will my product be shipped?
On the sales page of the product you will purchase, there is an explanation about how long it will take for the product to be shipped (just below the Add to Cart button).

Why should I ask about stock?
There are more than twenty thousand products on our site. No matter how careful we are, there are problems in tracking so many products and updates may be delayed. In addition, some of the products for which we are the main dealer come from different warehouses. In both cases, we ask that you contact us before purchasing the product 'to avoid delays'.

May I know your contact information?
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0 224 441 2 777
Whatsapp: 0 533 490 6991
Address: Üçevler Mahallesi, Ahıska Caddesi, Gençşenocak İş Merkezi, No: 83/C Nilüfer / BURSA

What hours is the chat open?
We keep our chat section open between 09:00 - 18:00 on weekdays and 09:00 - 14:00 on Saturdays.

At what hours can we ask questions via Whatsapp?
Our Whatsapp line is open 24 hours a day. You can ask any questions you want whenever you are convenient.
The relevant person will get back to you as soon as possible during working hours (weekdays: 09:00 - 18:00, Saturday 09:00 - 14:00), and outside working hours as soon as it is convenient.

There is not enough information on the product I looked at. How can I solve this problem?
You can request that the relevant product be updated as soon as possible by writing to [email protected] You will be informed when the product is updated.

Is there installment?
There is 'Instalment Options' on the product page. In this section, you can see how many installments have been made to which bank, with or without different maturity dates.

Is card information recorded? uses SSL security certificate so that you can shop more securely. Dionaks uses your 'Credit Card Information' only during the purchasing phases. It does not keep records for any other transactions. With the use of SSL certificate, your information is used only by Dionaks during the purchasing phase. Thus, our customers can carry out their transactions safely at every stage of shopping.

Do I have to register to shop?
You can browse our site with peace of mind without becoming a member and buy the product you want by using the 'Continue Shopping Without Membership' button.

Is there a payment system at the door?
There is no Payment at the Door System on our site. You can use Credit Card and Money Order methods for shopping.

I have never shopped from Dionaks before. Is it reliable?
Dionaks is a company with 30 years of industry experience. Our company does not only sell online but also provides services in its store in Bursa. It is not only the seller of the products it sells, but also its authorized dealer.

Are the products sent in their original box?
Many products sold on our site are purchased from the main dealer in sets (dozens, sets, boxes). If the product you have purchased is not purchased as a set (dozen, set, parcel, etc.), it will be sent in the most appropriate parcel possible, in a way that will not be damaged. If the product is purchased in its original box, the product will be sent in its original box.

Are the product descriptions and photos accurate?
Dionaks is the main distributor or dealer of Turkey's and Europe's largest construction companies. All information about the relevant products we sell on our site is obtained from these institutions.




What does ETBIS mean?
It is an institution established by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey and its official website is ETBIS; It was established to keep records and audit companies carrying out e-commerce activities under the name of Electronic Information System. Since consumers are controlled by the state, they can shop from companies that are members of ETBİS. Institutions that are members of ETBİS publish their member logos on their websites. When you click on the logo, you can access the relevant page of the institution on

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